The SockDock

The SockDock

Several weeks ago, I thought to myself, I need a sock keeper for my socks during laundry time. I'm sure I have way more socks than the average person and it saddens me every time I lose one. I opened  my email today and there it was, an advertisement for The SockDock®!  What a concept, simplicity at it's finest. Not only did the creator create an ingenious product, but some of the proceeds benefit GiGi's Playhouse in Raleigh NC! GiGi's Playhouse, is a network of Down Syndrome Achievement Centers.  Click here for more information.

Can't wait for my mine to arrive.  I will provide an update after I use the SockDock® for the first time!

SockDock® is a simple & easy-to-use sock laundry helper designed to keep socks in pairs while washing, drying and storing, so you never have to sort, match or search for socks EVER again! It’s the perfect gadget to teach kids responsibility and organizational skills while reducing parent’s laundry workload. 

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